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A History of Business Within the Settlement Areas of Occupied Palestine


Help I’m using my dog to get matches!

Using animals for advertisement is extremely widespread across both traditional and social media platforms. I didn't read this article about using your dog to get more matches on Tinder before making my profile, but it seems I'm guilty of using my... Continue Reading →

The Misuse of Suffering

Now a widely known recording artist, Hollywood Anderson was once homeless. He became an internet sensation after his audition on the 2014 American Idol brought J-Lo to tears. After his performance, Anderson told his tale of courage in the face... Continue Reading →

Do you have a Branded-Self?

You know what a Insta-famous person's profile looks like before you see the amount of followers and likes they have. An eye-catching name heads the profile, followed by the two to four words that encapsulate who this person is. Or rather, two to... Continue Reading →

Binge Gaming and Place: The Research

Overall my survey results showed that people generally game within private spaces such as their living rooms or bedrooms, rather than in public This was mildly surprising considering the rise of smartphone gaming since their introduction. However, it is still... Continue Reading →

Binge Gaming and Place: A Photo Story

Throughout this photo-story I explore the relationship between binge-gaming and place. I decided to go for a lighthearted replication of binge-drinking photos from Google Images to showcase the unrecognised dangers of excessive gaming. My housemates are all self-confessed binge-gamers, and... Continue Reading →

Why I wasn’t mature enough for Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of the defining film series of our generation. I grew up with Harry as they released each movie and despite the fact I'd read all the books, I nearly didn't get to see the fourth movie... Continue Reading →

Digital Distractions?

I live with four of my best mates, and we're all overly interested in binge-watching shows, Andy Samberg and immaturity. The first show we all watched was Game of Thrones, then Vikings, and now Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Whereas we followed the... Continue Reading →

The Hobbit: The Battle of Time Geography

The decline of the cinema's popularity has been largely attributed to the introduction of cheap and readily available streaming services. My personal experience is that going to the movies can actually just be extremely difficult to manage in terms of... Continue Reading →

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